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La Flûte Prestige - Case of 6

  • €79,67

La Flûte Prestige

La Flûte Prestige (pronounce: flyte) is our largest and most prestigious glass.

With its large volume of 420ml it provides ample room for our Prestige Cuvées to unfold all of their enticing aromas while its rim narrows slightly so as to involve your nose fully in the depth of aromas when tasting.

Carefully chosen for De Watère with our friends from the renowned Italian glassware manufacturer Italesse, La Flûte Prestige offers the perfect size and shape for Cuvée Prestige to shine. It compliments any situation and table setting with its elegant and understated yet luxurious lines.

La Flûte Prestige features our Logo as well as a calibration line of 100ml 

La Flûte Prestige is available in cases of six

  • Measurements:
  • Volume: 420ml
  • dishwasher safe 

Champagne Knowledge

Flûte is the French term for conical stemware, typically used for Champagne. The Flûte first appeared in the 18th century when stemware became popular to separate the wine in the glass from the hand of the drinker so as to avoid warming up the chilled liquid. 

Moreover, Flûtes are designed to provide visual pleasure on the one hand by watching the Champagne‘s bubbles rise and explode at the surface. On the other hand, with its slightly tapered rim, the Flûte focuses the aromatic mist created by the bursting bubbles on the drinker‘s nose. 

Thereby, the Flûte creates an all encompassing Champagne experience. 

Frequently asked questions

Our Premier Cru Champagnes are made in the Vallée de la Marne in the beautiful little village of Avenay Val d’Or

You can conveniently order from our online shop with free EU widedelivery. Since we are frequently sold out, we recommend consulting ourStockistsLocator Map.

We offer free express delivery. This typically takes 3-5 business days. Orders placed before 2pm Central European Time are usually sent on their way to you on the same day. Please note that we commonly do not ship on Fridays to avoid the Champagne being with the delivery company over the entire weekend.

We use a traditional 4,000kg vertical press. However, our current press was entirely new developed combining the traditional vertical setup with most modern precise pressing. This press is the only one of its kind in Champagne. The juice is released both at the bottom and on the sides through a fine mesh, ensuring we only receive the freshest of juices.

There is no set time for our Cuvées. Instead of predetermining the maturation period, we taste regularly and decide based on actual development when to release our Cuvées to the market. The longest we have waited in the past was about 96 months.
You can find the exact production dates on the back label of each Prestige bottle. The format is DD/MM/YY
Tirage:the date when the wine was laid to rest. As we usually use two consecutive years in our creations, you can extrapolate from this date. If, for example Tirage is 2022, the harvests of 2020 and 2021 were combined in this bottle.
Degorge: the date when the Champagne was disgorged and the Dosage added. The difference between Tirage and Degorge gives you the maturation time on the yeast.
LOT:an officially registered number stating the date when the final inspection of the bottle was carried out and the labels put on. Its format differs from the other two dates as it needs to fit the official registration system. Its format is DDMMYYYY.
 The dates of our current release are:
Tirage: 16/09/16 (the harvests of 2015 and 2014 combined)
 Degorge: 15/09/21 (just under five years maturation on the yeast)
 LOT: 17092021 (final inspection and labels installed on September 17th 2021)