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Event: The Sound of Sports Cars 2019 - De Watère

Event: The Sound of Sports Cars 2019

Champagne De Watère + the most exotic cars = a weekend of special memories


We supported our good friends from Kaffee & Kurven for their annual super car meet "The Sound of Sports Cars" in Salzburg, Austria on September 14 & 15, 2019.

The Sound of Sports Cars

50 cars and 100 participants from 9 countries came together in the land around Salzburg to celebrate their passion.

Saturday, the drivers arrived and mingled in the beautiful setting of the Gwandhaus Salzburg before enjoying a scenic drive to the private Gala Dinner.

Sunday, with the public part constituted the highlight of the weekend: all 50 cars took centre stage in the picturesque park of the Palace Salzburg where over 1,000 visitors admired the vehicles, chatted with the owners and chose their favourites.

Personal highlight: Our De Watère Aston Martin Vantage (2019) won third place as car of the show.

We cannot wait for "The Sound of Sports Cars" 2020 edition!

Do you want to participate or visit? See for details and registration

You couldn't join us? Feel the atmosphere by watching the official event video by DLighting 

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