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Event: The Sound of Sports Cars 2020 - De Watère

Event: The Sound of Sports Cars 2020

De Watère Champagne joins "The Sound of Sports Cars 2020” for the second time
Talking about special moments: on September 5 & 6, 2020, De Watère Champagne joined “The Sound of Sports Cars” annual event in Salzburg for the second time. A weekend of smiles and positive energy during these challenging times.

As a proud guardian of special moments, our bright blue Gryphon was well recognizable during the weekend of “The Sound of Sports Cars” in Salzburg. Our Champagnes added a fruity flavor of excitement to this gathering of sports cars and true petrolheads. No other luxury champagne could have fitted as perfectly as Champagne De Watère did to this thrilling and luxurious event.

Roaring engines and fine bubbles of champagne
Even though 2020 has been a challenging year for hosting car events, Kaffee und Kurven had a packed event. 50 participating sports cars and 100 guests from all over Europe gathered on Saturday morning at the Gwandhaus in Salzburg for the start of the event. As main event sponsor De Watère provided the goodie bags including a Petite for the driver.

After a coffee and first “get to know” and catching up with the participants they went for a drive. Through the beautiful landscape of Austria, all participants created a real “Sound of Sports Cars” in the mountains. The drive finished at the Salzburgring for lunch and a photoshoot at the racetrack. With more driving up to the Postalm after the lunch break participants had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

De Watère Champagne adding style to The Sound of Sports Cars
Saturday evening guests were being welcomed by De Watère's Owner & President, Martin A. Konorza, opening the Gala Dinner with Champagne. Our award-winning Prestige Brut Blanc and Prestige Rosé de Saignèe were available for tasting to the guests while enjoying an iconic view over Lake Wolfgangsee and exotic cars parked in the Scalaria Resort garden. At this location, most participants stayed during the whole weekend to enjoy being together.  

These are the special moments we live for and enjoy the most: being surrounded by amazing people and amazing cars. Our De Watère Champagnes stands for unique moments in life.


On Sunday morning roaring engines set off to one of the many  highlights of the weekend: a drive to the Palace Salzburg for the public gathering. All participating cars were exhibited in the beautiful and iconic setting of Salzburg Palace which is home to the world-renowned Casino Salzburg. Everyone who attended this public part of the event had the chance to get up close and personal with their dream cars.


Kaffee und Kurven, host of “The Sound of Sport Cars”

The host of “The Sound of Sports Cars” is Kaffee und Kurven. This club organizes monthly gatherings and social events in the south of Bavaria. With over 100 members the club always has lively and exciting meetings. Everyone is welcome to join the drives to network and share their passion for sports cars. Since 2017 Kaffee und Kurven has been hosting “The Sounds of Sports Cars” annually. A constantly growing luxury event that we at De Watère Champagne continue to support as a partner. 

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