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Berlin’s Best of the Best: Prestige Rosé de Saignée - De Watère

Berlin’s Best of the Best: Prestige Rosé de Saignée

As a team of champagne connoisseurs, we know our wines offer something truly special. That’s why we entered the Berliner Wein Trophy for the second year running. This prestigious event is the world’s largest OIV wine competition held twice a year, in summer and winter.

With over 400 international judges and 14,000 submitted wines, it attracts top-notch producers and distributors from around the globe. Although, many unfortunately do not receive an award. It takes something remarkably exquisite to display a highly sought after medal in your winery.

De Watère’s 2022 Entrants

This year, De Watère entered three of our wines into the winter competition. First up was TEN21, the game-changing champagne offering a light, smooth taste, reminiscent of warm summer nights. This fun and uplifting champagne won a well-deserved gold award.

We also entered none other than our Prestige Brut Blanc. With such fresh, mature flavours beautifully balancing the composition of both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, we’re not surprised we won another gold medal.

Berlin’s Best Sparkling Wine: Prestige Rosé de Saignée

Our star of the show is the Prestige Rosé de Saignée. Crowned with the coveted grand gold medal, this delightful fiery-pink champagne was also announced as the "Best Sparkling Wine" in the Special Awards.

This result is a true reflection of its wonderfully bold and rich taste, emitting sweet flavours of blackberry, raspberry and wonderfully earthy undertones. With such a lively complex, there’s no wonder this unusual take on classic rosé wine has won countless awards three years running.

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